Bang Around The World
Bang Around The World
Bang Around the World

Hey, you.

I'm luckier than most. I grew up in the most culturally and ethnically diverse city in the world. And I'm eternally grateful. But it's not enough. 

I went on my first trip when I was in 2nd grade to Korea and Japan, and ever since then I knew I needed to see the rest of the world. 

Yeah. Yeah. I know, cliché. 

I'm a twenty-something year-old trying to learn how to navigate life and figure out how to juggle my dreams, career, family, friends, and love life like every other twenty-something year-old.

I hope you enjoy traveling and stories about nonsense, because I'm full of them.

If you've gotten this far, then congratulations. You've made it to the finish line!
But seriously, thanks for reading and getting to know a little about me! 

Oh and by the way, I'm Debbie Bang. Nice to e-meet you! 

If you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out!