Confessions of a Solo Traveler


Sorry it's been a while. It's been crazy with the move. It's been a month and I'm still not settled in. Anyways, hi! Thanks for stopping by. This advice piece on solo traveling isn't life altering, but these are a few things that helped me get through the bumps in the road and hopefully will help you.

Hopefully you'll learn from my lessons. Before we start, let me go through the motions of the whole solo travel spiel before it gets real.

Traveling solo is great. You're the author of your journey, the captain of your adventure, the ruler of your fate! 

You get it. 

You do what you what you want when you want without having to consult with someone else. But let me get real with you, it's not always great and it's not for everyone, but it's something every wandering soul should try. It's like a rite of passage and there are things you can do to fight off the lonely times. 

Like everyone else before their first solo trip, I was excited and scared. If you're feeling the same about your upcoming trip, that's ok. Breathe. It's normal. 

Maybe it was because I had already been on the road for a while and I'd been working non-stop, but by the time I got to Paris and Barcelona I was exhausted, lonely, and missed my friends. 

I was on this amazing adventure in some of the most beautiful cities in the world and taking silly selfies but sometimes that feeling crept in:

"I wish I could share this moment with someone." 

My adventure lost a bit its shiny exciting luster, which I think will happen and is inevitable. It's strange to say, but what helped were my amazing friends and Alex, my handsome-as-hell boyfriend (Special shoutout to my peeps). They weren't there with me but they were there for me. Some had already been there so they mapped out a couple places for me to visit like as if I'd gone down their memory lane. 

Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind during your trip. I know it seems obvious but when you start feeling even the slightest bit blue, it's always easy to forget the basics.



When you're traveling solo and feeling a bit blue, start your day by taking it slow. Do whatever it takes to make sure you start each day empowered. You know those sunnies that make you feel like Anna Wintour? Whip 'em out. That perfect shade of lipstick that makes you feel like a queen? Slap it on. 


Everyday, do one thing that you've never done before or that scares you. After Paris and Barcelona, requesting a table for one has become one of my favorite things to do. 


As obvious as this sounds, don't forget to have fun. Seriously. It's easy to get lost in your own to do list. Because I was so adamant about doing everything I wanted to do, I sometimes forgot that I was on vacation and didn't take in the view. 


Going back to my original point. They might be there to make those memories with you, but they care about you and will want to hear about your adventures. It's your job to have fun so that they can have fun living vicariously through you.



If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming travels. Don't be scared to reach out. I'd love to help however I can.