The Best Hot Chocolate in NYC

Let's cut to the chase.
You're in NYC, you're fingers are freezing, and now you're looking for refuge. Here are list of my favorite hot chocolate shelters.


1. Max Brenner - Union Square

Of all the spots, this is my favorite for several reasons, one of which is because you'd be surrounded by all sorts of chocolate. Best of all, HUG MUGS. Their rich velvety hot chocolate are served in the most huggable mugs that will warm up your fingers in no time.


2. Cup & Cup - Korea Town

While they serve hot chocolate, the red velvet latte is my favorite. Yes, it's not hot chocolate, but try it and try to tell me you regret that I told you about it. It taste wonderful and it's beary cute.


3. Maman - Several Locations

A foodie's paradise. They serve lavender hot chocolate. This unique concoction is dried lavender + melted dark hot chocolate + milk + a must try.

4. City Bakery - Flatiron District

If you're a fan of dark chocolate, this is the spot for you. 

City Bakery's hot chocolate & caramelized french toast.

City Bakery's hot chocolate & caramelized french toast.


5. Jacques Torres - Several locations

A classic spot. You can't go wrong if a chocolatier hands you a cup of melted chocolate.


6. Sant Ambroeus - Several locations

Take a seat. Hot chocolate is made and served. It's an experience alone to watch them melt the chocolate, but it's another to drink it. 


7. MarieBelle - Soho

Different options that is deserving of its house name. My favorite? The Aztec. A concoction that goes beyond just chocolate and milk. It's every food lover's dream. 


8. Hecho en Dumbo - East Village

I'm a HUGE fan of Mexican hot chocolate. Here it's called champurrado, a concoction of vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate from Zacatecas state and thickened with fresh masa. If you feel like treating yourself, get it spiked.


9. The Chocolate Room - Park Slope

Serving up dark, velvety, and sustainably-sourced chocolate with a giant marshmallow.